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The Texas Twisters Volleyball Club's mission is to support the student athlete by continuously improving each individuals overall experience as an athlete and team member. As a member of the Texas Twisters Volleyball Club, we will promote personal growth and development by providing the best available resources that allow participants the ability to attain their goals as athletes. 

We strive to:

* Train and encourage the development of skills and techniques (physical & mental) necessary for junior players to compete at the higher levels of the game of volleyball.
* Instill and encourage a positive and constructive attitude towards the game, teammates and others involved in the game. 
* Encourage players to make commitments and make efforts to fulfill those commitments.
* Help players develop a sense of teamwork and cooperation in the competitive team sport of volleyball.
Focus is also placed upon setting individual and team goals and working towards the achievement of those goals.

The success of our athletes and our club is best measured by:

* The sincere, self-disciplined and persistent efforts to improve.
* Fulfilling commitments and attain set goals.
* Individual skills improvement.
* Team play improvement over the course of the season.

Ultimately, Texas Twisters Volleyball Club wants to be just one important part of the player's experience that helps them become confident and happy adult women.

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